Unlocking Landscapes


I’m delighted to launch the Unlocking Landscapes podcast. The aim of the pod is to promote conversations about human relationships with the landscape. Those relationships include people who work and volunteer in/on the landscape, photographers, artists, writers, scientists, community organisers and more.

Access to the land is an issue of great importance and I hope we can uncover some interesting perspectives in this first series.

The first series of the pod will launch in February 2021 with the aim of one episode each month through the year.

I can’t wait to share some of the stories people have to tell about their relationships with landscape. There will be a mix of focus: history, ecology, community, agriculture, art and literature. There will be a strong UK and European element, but with stories from as far away as India.

The need for a diverse range of voices is important and that will drive the pod in its early stages.

The pod will be available here via SoundCloud to start with as well as Podbean. Over time I hope to get it accepted onto all the other platforms that will take it.

Here we go!

Daniel Greenwood, January 2021

Published by Daniel Greenwood

Landscape writer and photographer with a focus on woods and trees, fungi, and macro photography

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